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Renting a Car

Questions to ask a car/van rental company

Hi, I was wondering if I could rent a car.

  • Do you have a 5 seater (how many seats) car available from May 27th till May 30th? (date till date)

  • How much will it cost?

  • What cars do you have available that are fuel-efficient?

  • Can I upgrade/downgrade my car?  What would be the price difference?

  • Can someone else drive the car, if it is rented under my name?

  • Is there an extra fee to add additional drivers to the rental agreement?

  • Can I take the car out of the city or country?

  • Can I drop the car off in another city at one of your locations?

  • Is there unlimited mileage on the vehicle?

  • How much is the deposit?

  • What documents do I need in order to rent the vehicle?

  • Do you offer insurance?

  • Are there any other charges?


  • Did you explain what information you needed?

  • Did you give all the necessary details?

  • Did you ask all the questions?

  • Did you repeat back all the important information? (model of car - dates - amount - mileage)

  • Did you thank the other person for their help and information?


       Thank you for all your help.  Thank you for your assistance.  Thanks for everything.  I appreciate your help.

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